Feature request: expand 'clean' to 'clean total'

Dirk Traulsen dirk.traulsen at lypso.de
Thu Nov 3 19:52:10 CET 2005


I started this thread to make a request for a change of the behaviour 
of the 'clean' option:

> Please make an option to delete signatures, for which there is no
> corresponding signing key on the local keyring.

When there was some support for my idea, but no reaction from the 
developers, I tried to implement it myself and sent the code to the 
gnupg-devel mailing list. 
After some emails about the name and the concept David Shaw decided 
to go the KISS* way and implemented a change to 'clean' itself:

> Here's what I did - rather than add yet another option
> (which impacts all of keyserver use, import, exports, and
> --edit-key), I just changed clean sigs to remove sigs from
> unavailable keys.  It just seems like the simplest solution
> all round.

So, fortunately in 1.4.3, there will be a 'clean', which does exactly 
what 'clean total' should have done.


* KISS = Keep it simple, stupid!

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