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Fri Nov 4 19:32:07 CET 2005

* Jean-David Beyer <jdbeyer at> wrote:

> markus reichelt wrote (in part):
> > Mainly, because I think that the guys with the small ... glasses
> > ;-) at NSA can break public key crypto quite easily,
> Could you give a basis for this assertion?

Well... please understand that it is my personal belief; just like
one might believe in god, or not. Therefore this 'basis' cannot be
what you are looking for :-)

> Is it because you think they have so much computer power at Ft.
> Meade that they can use exhaustive search? Or do you think their
> mathematicians are so much better than the general public
> (including math professors who specialize in this stuff) that they
> have discovered a breakthrough in factoring? Or because you believe
> they have gotten all manufacturers to include trogan horses in
> their code?

I put the speculations aside and stick with the fact that the NSA
recommends ECC for government use. That's enough for _me_.

left blank, right bald
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