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Sat Nov 5 22:43:46 CET 2005

* Jean-David Beyer <jdbeyer at> wrote:

> > I put the speculations aside and stick with the fact that the NSA 
> > recommends ECC for government use. That's enough for _me_.
> > 
> I guess it depends on how your paranoia works, and about whom you
> choose to be paranoid. Does the NSA recommend ECC for government
> use so that another government agency (e.g., the NSA) can read, if
> necessary or desired by the parties that control that government
> agency? If so, I would assume they know how to crack ECC. In that
> case I would not want to use ECC.

As I said, I put the speculations aside. I see no point diving into
the matter like that. Consistently, and quite sadly, this reminds me
of 9/11. When I refused to accept the official story of Osama and his
19 bandits (still do; f.e. their ridiculous story of burning jet fuel
being able to bring down the towers; quite a laugh), I was called a
conspiracy theorist; just for saying "I'm not buying the official
story.", period. I did not offer alternatives;I was just saying,
plain & simple, that it can't be THAT way because of numerous facts.

See, I don't go any further than the NSA's recommendation here; in
this case this is enough for me, I most certainly do not want to draw
an analogy between PKC & 9/11 because that would take much much more
than some limpering analogy at best, eh ;-). I don't care about other
views on the matter (NSA & PKC); I don't ask acceptance, only mere
tolerance. Curiousity is a good thing, but there are times when too
much of it will spoil things big time. I find it astonishing that
people can't accept facts as such, and what people make of them (eye,
beholder, bells, ringing, ...) _without_ putting speculations aside;
no offense intended.

I could go on ranting... and if one could build a whole new _lasting_
world on speculations I'd be among the first to join.

> Or do they know how to crack everything else and have not yet
> cracked ECC? In that case, I would want to use ECC.

Well... If one asks them, they most certainly won't give a satisfying
answer I fear ;-)

Or, more precisely, it would take ages. When you take a look at and some requests regarding the freedom of information
act, it is quite sad to note that it takes a federal angency so much
time to response to simple requests made by a country's citizen.

> Paranoia is a wonderful thing, but it can trap you in dilemmas like
> this.

Not me. ;) I use to say "I'm not paranoid, but the people who hunt me
think I am."

left blank, right bald
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