Keytypes and changing them

Christoph Anton Mitterer cam at
Wed Nov 9 02:11:05 CET 2005

Alphax wrote:

> It means, the "expected" behaviour for what the keyservers/PGP/GPG will
> do when it finds that the usage flags have changed on a primary key is
> completely undocumented, because they are *not supposed to change*. I
> don't think they're protected by the fingerprint/selfsignature (although
> I would need to check that), but it makes you wonder why no current
> OpenPGP implementations let you change them if they're not protected...

Ah,.. well I'm not completely sure if I understood RFC2440 correct, but 
as far as I can see,... the key usage flag IS part of the selfsignautre 
and thus it should be possible to change it,.. and keyservers should 
have no big problems with it, at least modern keyservers.
For them it should be similar to changing algorithm preferences.

btw: I haven't uploaded my current key yet, so this is (in my case) not 
such a big problem, I think.

Do you now of an application that allows me to change the usage flag? 
Without damaging my key or changing its format? Or an description how I 
can do it manually?

Best wishes,
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