USB tokens instead of smartcards

Joe Smith unknown_kev_cat at
Tue Nov 15 03:21:38 CET 2005

"Christoph Anton Mitterer" <cam at> wrote in message 
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> Hi.
> When I use an USB token instead of a "normal" smartcard reader do I
> still need special software (e.g. pcscd and so on) or is gnupg enough.
You still need to use special software.
A cyrpto token is just a card reader designed to read the smaller size 
cards. (like the SIM card is GSM phones).
They also have one of those cards. Some varaiations might just hard wire the 
chip from inside the card to the reader interfaces, but others actually use 
a physical card. If you break open the casing you could replace the card if 
it has one. It may even be possible to create a cheap usb reader of 
full-sized smart cards from one.

So basically crypto tokens are *exactly* like a "normal" reader. And the 
format of the included card is probably not compatible with gpg anyway. 

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