GPG on windows mobile 5

cybx at cybx at
Mon Nov 7 10:24:44 CET 2005

I've got a question about installing GPG on my newly acquired IPAQ rx 1950 and I would be very happy and thankful if anybody got some experience with and could help out.
I want to install a secure, mail encryption system that's for free and widely used -> GPG. I could'nt find any GPG application for windows mobile but I found the program "pocketconsole" and a GPG for it. But it seems to me that pocketconsole doesn't work on windows mobile 5. 
I then installed "pocktedos" and wanted to compile the sourcecode found at PGPI.
After I realized how uncommon and thus undocumented compiling software for "arm-dos" is I gave up. 
Afterwards I found out that "PGP mobile" is legacyware I tried to see if one could get it for free anywhere (I know about the security issues with PGP not being open-source, but I want to have at least anything.) but I wasn't able to fnd a "PGP mobile"-download either.
I still want to have GPG on my PDA, especially because I think security issues are even more relevant on mobile devices than on Desktop PCs.

If anyone can help or has any ideas I didn't think of to install GPG please respond.

Thanks in advance,

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