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Thu Nov 10 09:51:52 CET 2005

 --list-options parameters
        This  is a space or comma delimited string that gives options
        used when listing keys and signatures (that is,  --list-keys,
        --list-sigs,  --list-public-keys, --list-secret-keys, and the
        --edit-key functions).  Options can be prepended with a `no-'
        to give the opposite meaning.  The options are:


               Show  signature  expiration  dates  (if any) during
               --list-sigs or --check-sigs listings.  Defaults to no.

The options I cited from the man page can be used on the commandline 
every time you need them or you can put them in the configuration 
file for gpg (gpg.conf) so that they are invoked every time you use 


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