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Lares Moreau wrote:
> Is there a recommended(read Endorsed) Keyserver?

There is NO officially recommended or endorsed key server.

> I'm looking at the documentation we have here at and it
> recommends It has been suggested that this server is old
> and broken.  Is this the case? works fine for older keys. It runs the PGP Key Server (pks). PKS
does not handle V4 key features well. Notable examples of mangled features
are multiple subkeys, a revoked subkey (tag 0x28), duplicate keyids, direct
key signatures (tag 0x1F), revocation signatures on userids (tag 0x30), or
photo IDs. There is also no development or maintenance being done on the pks
platform. One exception to the pks servers is, which has
been patched to not mangle keys; however, it drops photo IDs.

The one PKS server at, the LDAP keyservers (only one is still on
the 'net and it's unsynchronized, ldap://, and the
SKS servers handle v4 keys correctly.

The current platform of choice is known as the Synchronizing Key Server
(SKS). It is written to fully comply with OpenPGP specifications. is a round-robin DNS lookup of four servers. Three SKS
servers and the server at

The address some of my correspondents and myself and refer to most users is
x-hkp:// It's a round-robin alias that is
updated daily with the operational servers in SKS' universe.

For my own use, I use It's easy for me to remember (Yaron
Minsky wrote SKS and its Gossip protocol.) It's also short to type.
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