gpg not running in shell script. Need Help

Kanakadandila, Sivaramakrishna (GE Consumer & Industrial) S.Krishna at
Mon Oct 17 07:04:13 CEST 2005


I need help in running gpg command through shell script in Informatica.

This is what I tried

I have a shell script which will decrypt the file. It is running fine when I ran the same script from $ prompt in Unix. The same is not running when I ran through Informatica as a command. I also initialized the PATH session in the script. But nothing is working.

Am I missing any thing? Appreciate any help.


Shell Script content

. /home/apinf/.profile

PATH=$PATH:/pwrctr/siva/ ; export PATH


cd $DIR

echo "Decrypt Started"

echo "Password" | gpg -v --passphrase-fd 0 /pwrctr/siva/GEINDSYS.cyc.pgp 

echo "Decrypt Successful"

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