Emacs interface to gpg

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Tue Oct 18 07:07:16 CEST 2005

Patrik Jonsson writes:

 > I just started using gpg and was looking around for an emacs mode to
 > encrypt/decrypt files during load and save.  There are a few vague
 > references to crypt++, but they are all stale web sites and messages
 > from years ago.  I finally managed to locate something that looked like
 > the crypt++ web site, which had a notice that development on crypt++ had
 > ceased and that instead crypt.el from xemacs should be used.  However, I
 > downloaded the current version of xemacs and found no crypt.el.

The latest version (via Google) is at

Be sure and read the notes, as setup is slightly different if you're
using Emacs or XEmacs.

XEmacs's crypt.el is part of the os-utils package (or xemacs-sumo
package if you go that route.) 

XEmacs also has a "encrypto" package, though I couldn't tell you
anything about it.

You can get those packages from the "packages" subdirectory at any
XEmacs mirror site.

While we're at it, use mailcrypt (http://mailcrypt.sf.net/) or gpg.el
for encrypting email (in most of the emacs mail readers). You can use
mailcrypt with Gnus, but I believe the Gnus folks recommend using their
included functionality. Since I use mailcrypt I can't tell you
anything about gpg.el (or even where to get it) except that if I
remember right, it is gpg specific (ie: it doesn't support pgp) and it
might do S/MIME, where mailcrypt doesn't.

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