The never-ending GD discussion,part 74

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    Was Sun, 23 Oct 2005, at 13:27:05 -0400,
    when David wrote:

> It always amuses me that people complain bitterly about the GD storing
> one key per email address, but don't complain, for example, about
> people putting their key up on a web page.  After all, they may
> contain only one key, and might cause people to miss a revoked key. ;)

Well, obviously there is no a "perfect" "key carrier" around. (-;

If the key could be uploaded (it's as for the "key servers") in an
_authorized_ fashion (which is an elementary thing for a server dealing
with security/privacy), we wouldn't have to face all these problems and
annoyances around.

If someone wants a _public_ key serv{er|ice}, then such a service should
provide a decent standards first.

GD cannot store more than one key per e-mail address (which is a sort of
authorization) and this is in the same time a weakness and a good thing.

What if I use several keys with the same address (and the name of mine
of course) but with different "info" parts denoting the various purposes
of the keys?

As for the keeping a key on a web page, there is no chance that we could
miss a revoked key, if we are into reasons why someone is keeping them
this way: the very first thing will be that we'll go to this web page to
check for any updates, and not to the public key servers.

It turns out that this way is even the best one (so far; and in the
"category" of the worldwide scattering of the keys): you can't upload
any key without authorization, and you can upload as much of them as you

No reason to complain. As to the other key serv{er|ant}s.

Aside from this, though, you can't know who has your key(s).

Different categories of keys I suppose have different methods of

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