Delete key from keyserver

B. Kuestner kuestner at
Sun Oct 23 22:00:06 CEST 2005

> I suggest that you seriously check our Big Lumber at

Thanks John. I will.

Regarding my personal web of trust: I get a clearer picture now and  
for starter I'll exchange keys directly with my friends.

As for the "unwanted keys" for my e-mail address. At least for now I  
know that I was the one who put them there. So if somebody uses them  
to encrypt messages (because he or she thinks like I did that any  
public key with the right e-mail address assigned to it is good  
enough), it's not like someone unauthorized would be able to read  
these messages. Nobody can read them. That's only semi-bad, not  
really bad, if you know what I mean. (c:

Coming as a newbie to all of this, I'd say there's a long way to go  
until this whole thing is ready for my Mom to use it. And I think  
that's what we eventually want to do, right? That encrypted messaging  
becomes the norm, not the exception.


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