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Alex Mauer hawke at
Wed Oct 26 01:22:10 CEST 2005

David Shaw wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 04:21:32PM -0500, Alex Mauer wrote:
> I don't agree with this.  The user ID system in all OpenPGP products
> gives a regular UTF-8 string.  Signatures simply bind that string to
> the primary key.  The system says exactly "Alex Mauer belongs with key
> 0x51192ff2" and "hawke at belongs with key 0x51192ff2".
> You cannot sign a user ID without binding it to a key.

When the string "Alex Mauer <hawke at>" is bound to
0x51192ff2, there's also an association made between the two parts of
the string.  The system does /not/ say "Alex Mauer belongs with key
0x51192ff2" and "hawke at belongs with key 0x51192ff2".  It
says "Alex Mauer and email hawke at belong with 0x51192ff2"
as one statement.  It's a subtle, but important, distinction.

I should be able to affirm that hawke at uses 0x51192ff2
without being forced to also affirm that "Alex Mauer" uses 0x51192ff2,
or vice versa.

Obviously, with these examples I'm happy to affirm both, since hey ..
it's me.  But [hopefully] you get my point.
Bad - You get pulled over for doing 90 in a school zone and you're drunk
off your ass again at three in the afternoon.
Worse - The cop is drunk too, and he's a mean drunk.
FUCK! - A mean drunk that's actually a swarm of semi-sentient
flesh-eating beetles.
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