[gpgol] A few questions...

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Thu Oct 27 11:09:50 CEST 2005

On Wed, 26 Oct 2005 12:46:20 -0400, Richard Jensen said:

>   Is there a way to set the default key to use for signing?
>     In Enigmail it uses the email address to choose the key, but
>     in gpgol I always get a dialog and need to select the key from
>     a list.

That is a missing feature.  You may add

default-key 5B0358A2

to your gpg.conf - this should solve it.

>   For some reason it is not finding the key for encrypting a message
>   in my keyring based on the email address. It brings up a window
>   that lets me select the key, and that works fine. But, why isn't
>   it finding the key automatically?

I have to check.

>   It appears I cannot verify a PGP/MIME message, any plans for that
>   or is Outlook just not a good PGP/MIME platform?

I plan to support this but it is not easy because MAPI seems to
translate quoted-printable to 8-bit at a very early stage.  Thus we
would need to emply some heuristics to revert this.  Further the MIME
headers are not available as they have need sent; some more heuristic
is required to fix this.

Verification of signed and encrypted messages work because fortunately
Outlook can't look into the encrypted part ;-)

>   What should I use for the 'Key Manager' executable? I tried pointing
>   it to the WinPT executable, but that didn't seem to work.
>      This isn't a big issue for me because I can use either the WinPT
>      Key Manager or the Key Management from Enigmail.

Whatever you like. We are working on WinPT to smooth the integration.
We are also working on a updated of GPA.  Enigmail's key manager is
pretty nice; you may as well use that one.

>   It seems that with gpgol, encrypting the message causes the
> attachments
>   to also be encrypted. Is there an option to NOT encrypt attachments if
>   you are encrypting the message?

I have removed this option because I don't think it makes any sense
and because it is actually dangerous: Usually the more sensitive
information is is an attachment (e.g. a PDF) and not in the body
("please find attached the current plan as agreed upon on 11/11/05").



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