Lots of questions

Christoph Anton Mitterer cam at mathematica.scientia.net
Sun Oct 30 14:46:21 CET 2005

Hi again.

First of all: Sorry for those many writing mistakes I've made in my 
initial post,... my English is better indeed, but it was pretty late 
when I wrote that mail ;-)

In the meantime I've received several replys,... most of them haven't 
been posted to the list. I'll do that as soon as I got permission from 
the authors.

I'll also post everything to "gnupg-users" only. Everybody at 
gnupg-devel who wants to follow that topics and/or continue in helping 
me should have look there. But it could take some time until I'll 
continue that topics,.. because first of all I think I should read 
RFC2440, and I'm also planning a Keysigning party at my university; so 
I've a lot to do next week.

Still, if anybody has good answers to my questions from my initial 
post,... do not hesitate to help me.


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