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Mon Oct 31 00:51:50 CET 2005

David Shaw wrote:

>That would work if GnuPG stood alone, but it doesn't.  New algorithms
>or message constructions need to be discussed and worked out as part
>of a standard so that all programs can interoperate.
I know that, of course, but I think that perhaps we'll have no ECC the 
next 10 years or so,.. if noone makes the step,...
btw: If GnuPG would implement ECC and add it unofficially to OpenPGP it 
could be done in such a way, that it is compatible with the ideas and 
conventions of RFC2440.... thus it would not "break" the standard.
After that,.. it could be even added to it...

As you can see, lots of todays standards startet as one-man-application, 
e.g. OpenPGP (from PGP/RSA Inc.), JavaScript->ECMAScript (from 
Netscape), et cetera.

And in my opinion,... the algorithm/system of ECC is fixed,... of course 
each standard may define things like headers or other small details 
differently but that could be adopted easily, couldn't it?

So if GnuPG would (pseudo-officially) implement that now,.. it could be 
the first compliant application later :-)

Just my two (Euro) cents,

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