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Mon Oct 31 23:15:49 CET 2005

Alex Mauer wrote:

>Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:
>>Do you remember when, I think it was BBC, claimed they had a patent in
>>the US which would cover hyperlinks?
>It was British Telecom.  google:"british telecom" hyperlink patent
Ah,.. ok *g*

But you see my point? Well,.. I indeed have nothing agains Americans,... 
some of my very best friends are Americans,... and I love the countrey,...
But should the OS community ignore the the knowledge of the world 
because of stupid patents?
If it would go after the US Patent Office,.. nearly each trivial thing 
would be patented,.. like cliking on a button to finish shopping in an 
online store or so.

In my opinion the time of patents (no only software) should be over at 
all (but that's another discussion) as the historical reason why patents 
were introduced is no longer given....

But for our issues here:
Of course the US is a big "market" and of course it would be sad to 
develop software that our friends in the US (or similar countries) could 
not use (due to patent issues)...
BUT should the people in other nations renounce such things? In my 
opinion not,....
And keep in mind,.. with these statements I DON'T want to offend anyone 
neither being rude or so :-)

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