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John Clizbe JPClizbe at comcast.net
Mon Sep 5 03:01:53 CEST 2005

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Cameron Metzke wrote:
> Well thats a great bash script which i will incorperate into my *nix box
> :).
> Basically what im trying to do is build a php frontend to gnupg which
> can act like a keyserver. The keys are imported using --fast-import
> which i belive doesnt touch the trustdb, so all im really trying to do
> is basically delete all expired keys in the pubring (and possibly keys
> that have been revoked).
> I intend on using a bash script to run the delete script via cron.
> Unfortunatly my skills have alot to be desired lol, so best i get to
> work on it :)
> If anyones has any tips I would love to hear them :)

bash and ksh are both available for Windows in a variety of flavors and
sources*. Ditto for cron.

* MSys/MinGW; Cygwin; UWin; MS SFU... to name a few.

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