Signing MS-Excel spread sheets

Kimmo Surakka kimmo.surakka at
Sun Sep 4 20:31:47 CEST 2005

Berend Tober wrote:

> Indeed, and I even included in my original post "(Aside from the  
> obvious -- "Stop using MS-Excel!" -- because that is a failure I  
> cannot control...)".  Kids these days....
> Anyway, I've looked at WinPT and GPGee and one other GUI wrapper  
> around gnupg, but they all of course are victims of this MS Excel  
> "feature", and furthermore none of them satisfy my other need to be  
> able to support multiple persons signing any given document, either  
> (cf. other mailing list message thread "Multiple signatures on a  
> single file").

Just my two cents worth: isn't it true that most Windows zippers can  
open a file "from inside a zip archive", i.e. uncompress it  
transparently to a temp directory and open from there? One easy-to- 
use solution could therefore be to store the Excel file inside a zip  
archive, and then sign that archive? When the second person opens the  
spreadsheet, all the changes Excel wants to do are done to the  
temporary copy -- not the actual spreadsheet itself.


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