OpenPGP Card

David Picon Alvarez eleuteri at
Tue Sep 6 16:33:36 CEST 2005

List wrote:
So the "procedure call" will call to a stub in the BSD licensed

which will just "pass a message" to the real shared library and return a

result code to the application.

That might not be enough. In order to ensure that copyright does not trigger
you need to exclude derivation, which is caused by copying (but not copying
only). The API could be (and has sometimes been) considered to be subject to
copyright insofar as it is an original non-functional (id est, it could be
done some other way) work. However for this case the API is explicitly
licence, so if the licence of the API is GPL-compatible your library might
indeed solve the problem. Many libraries however could not be used in such a


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