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Alphax alphasigmax at
Wed Sep 7 12:25:12 CEST 2005

Alon Bar-Lev wrote:
> David Picon Alvarez wrote:
> I dropped all stuff regarding the differences using API and
> communication... I think you are wrong, there is exception for the
> rules... I try now to contact FSF for a formal position.
>> The lawyer who wrote GPL wrote it with the explicit intent to incentive
>> programmers to write free software and keep software free. Allowing
>> linkage
>> to or from NON-GPL code is generally considered to be
>> counterproductive for
>> the purposes stated.
> Here is what you imply... And it is so sad that I want to cry :-(
> On Microsoft platform, there is an API called CryptoAPI which is
> provided as part of the operating system.
> This API uses CSPs (Cryptographic Service Providers) that is provided by
> the smart card vendors.

You trust the Microsoft CryptoAPI? Well why don't you just run Windows,
which Microsoft Says is Perfectly Secure, and use Microsoft's inbuilt
X.509 instead of OpenPGP, since Microsoft Guarantees No Back Doors in
the CryptoAPI?

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