How to run a key server

Berend Tober btober at
Wed Sep 7 23:29:18 CEST 2005

This may be a very silly question, but I want to know what is involved 
with running a key server?

A manager has asked about whether we can somehow use "electronic 
signatures" on internal documents to reduce paper and printer costs as 
well as the problem of occasionally losing a printed piece of 
documentation that needs to get approved or signed by more than one 
person. Seems to me like gnupg is made for this kind of situation. Since 
this will be an internal infrastructure, I"m not concerned with 
providing a PKI to the *public*, but just to company employees. I'm 
thinking that there must be a server software package that handle this 
available somewhere, but my googling turns up mostly info on using gpg 
individually, more or less. There is a sourceforge project that seems to 
be the right tool, but it was listed as inactive.

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