This IS about GD - a proposal on dealing with the problem

Doug Barton dougb at
Sat Sep 10 21:00:37 CEST 2005

Bob Henson wrote:

> Put it the other way round - what useful purpose do they serve? I haven't
> seen one yet, ergo they are junk.

Um, until you actually get appointed ruler of the universe, you don't get to 
make that decision for everyone else. :) Seriously though, I interact with a 
lot of people that get their keys from the GD (their choice, and I'm not in 
a position to argue), so I need to have my key there, and it needs to be 
signed by the GD system. You can argue whether what is doing is 
wrong all day long, but it is what it is, and therefore I need to be 
compatible with it. Thus, I really like the clean options, and have the 
following in my gpg.conf which works splendidly:

import-options import-clean-sigs import-clean-uids
export-options export-clean-sigs export-clean-uids
keyserver-options import-clean-sigs import-clean-uids export-clean-sigs 

> It may do with the nightly builds, but it doesn't yet work on the release
> version of GPG.

I don't know what you mean about "release version of GPG," but the above 
works fine with 1.4.2 on both Windows and FreeBSD.




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