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Alphax alphasigmax at
Sun Sep 11 13:54:16 CEST 2005

Bob Henson wrote:
> A P.S. to the last message. I added the above lines and tried again,
> > and neither refreshing a key from the keyserver, uploading a key,
> nor downloading a new key cause the "clean" to run.
> I must be doing something silly in the set-up. I created a new file
> in the same directory as gpg.exe (OK?) called gpg.conf (OK?) and
> added to it *exactly* your lines above (not line wrapped in the case
> of the third line.
> I exited Thunderbird, restarted, and tried the keyserver procedures
> above. No joy. Does that sound correct?
> Maybe it doesn't work via Enigmail? I'm using GPG 1.4.2 via Enigmail 
> I checked the doc file I got with GPG 1.4.2 and whilst it
> lists the import/export-options "clean" command there is no
> equivalent key-server-option "clean" command listed - this may just
> be an oversight in
> the doc file, of course.
> I'll away and try exporting my keyring to see what happens.

You need to put gpg.conf in the same directory as you keyrings (eg.
C:\Documents and Settings\Bob\Application Data\GnuPG under Windows 2000
and XP).

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