Importing keys

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Sep 14 17:07:50 CEST 2005

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005 14:51:34 +0100, Bob Henson said:

> I was trying to use data from Windows and import to GPG. As you remark, the
> extension is irrelevant, so long as the file is DER encoded binary (
> possibly base 64 as well? - I haven't tried that). I have managed (don't ask

Fortunatley OpenPGP does not make use of any ASN.1 encoding and thus
we don't use DER but the OpenPGP binary format.

> me how) to get what appears to be a working x.509 certificate from Thawtes
> onto my GPG keyring, and have self signed it. I thought I'd have a go at

For X.509 you need to install gpg's cousin gpgsm which is available
in the package gnupg-1.9.19 in the alpha directory of the ftp servers.
gpgsm can cope with S/MIME (X.509 and CMS) and also import export
_some_ p12/pfx files.



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