Migrating from PGP TO GPG

Tracy D. Bossong sithtracy at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 16 11:38:35 CEST 2005

My firm uses both GnuPG and McAfee e-Business Server
(the original PGP, IMO).  Project will take a little
research, but all should be fine for you.  And if you
have existing keys with PGP, there is no reason you
can't continue to use them so you don't impact your
trading partners by changing keys.

Good luck, and you shoulg get lots of help from this
forum even as an observer.

Tracy Bossong

--- amit bhalerao <abhalerao at apple.com> wrote:

> Hi ,
>          We are migrating from PGP to GPG mechanism
> . We download  
> encrypted report from external vendors and decrypt
> them. However  
> external vendors are still using PGP mechanism to
> encrypt the file .
> To explain further :-
> 1. We are generating a public private key on HOST
> system using GPG .
> 2. This keys are exported to external vendor system.
> Vendor will be  
> encrypting the file using PGP (not sure about
> compatibilty)
> 3. Files are then decrypted on host system using GPG
> mechanism.
>          I am not sure whether this is feasible . If
> any of you have  
> implemented this before ,please let me know.
> -Amit
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