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Hello !

Gary Graham <garysaved at> wrote:

GG> I have Fedora FC4. with all available updates.
GG> I am using GPG 1.4.1 and v1.9.18 is also installed.
GG> The GPA is version 0.7.0
GG> My Firestarter firewall is set to let all traffic out, and is not
GG> showing as blocking anything when I try.

GG> First I bring up GPA.  Then I click on my default key set. Next I
GG> select 'Server', then 'Send Keys...'
GG> It asks me if I am sure I want to distribute the selected keys to:
GG> "hkp://".
GG> Most of the time I will get the error:
GG> *    "An error occurred while contacting the server:"

GG>     "Internal keyserver error"
GG> *
GG> Note there is an empty line between the two.

GG> If I do not get this error, it says:  '*Connecting to server
GG> "hkp://".  Please wait.*'
GG> and nothing happens till I click on the X to close the window, then I
GG> get the original error.

GG> This happens with this server, and any of the default servers GPA has
GG> on its default list.

GG> Let me know if you need any other information.

    On my system, my FireWall allows 3 programs of the GPG suite to go out:

    The last one is only involved in a special way. I think that's a
suppletive URL.
    Notice that one of the KeyServers installed on my system seems actually
to be down, and I've to wait until GPG surrounds when trying to update.

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