Trouble decrypting AES256 symmetric encrypted file

Ryan Malayter ryan at
Wed Sep 21 00:24:44 CEST 2005

On 9/19/05, Alphax <alphasigmax at> wrote:

> I have a feeling Windows has problems with files this large, esp. on NTFS.

This is surpisingly *not* a Windows issue. We have 200+ GB database
files on many of our database servers. All using NTFS.

I think the issue is that GnuPG is using a 32-bit DWORD file pointer
and the older file functions. Werner mentioned using GetFIleSize, but
the platform SDK indicates that you need to use GetFileSizeEx to
enable files greater than 2^32 bytes:

Werner, do you use GetFileSize or GetFileSizeEx? There are also
WriteFileEx and any number of other -Ex file-related functions to
handle files larger than 4 GB.

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