Key from smartcard to disk

Patrick Plattes patrick at
Wed Sep 21 11:49:25 CEST 2005

Werner Koch wrote:

>It is possible to read out the public key, though.  However it does
>not help you much because these are only a few numbers without any
>other information.  When gpg generated the key on the card it also
>created this other data and stored it in your regular keyring on
>disk. If you lost this keyring, you basically lost your key. It is
>possible to reconstruct so that the fingerprint stays the same but we
>have no instant way of doing so. 
First, thank you for the fast reply. I read your mail more than twice. 
And I try to understand why there is no instant way of doing this. 
Please tell me if my presumption is correct. The public key will be 
generated with the aid of the secret key and the secret key never leave 
the card, the card must generate the pk. So it's not a missing feature 
in GnuPG instead of the OpenPGP card. Correct?

>It is easier to generate a new key
>then.  I assume that you did not send the key to a keyserver in which
>case you would be able to restore the key by 
>  gpg --recv-key <fingerprint as show on the card>
I didn't send the Key to the Server :(

Thank you,

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