Any way to get smaller key sizes?

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Wed Sep 28 13:45:51 CEST 2005

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Alaric Dailey wrote:
> considering this
> why would you bother with anything less than 2048 bit keys.
In there, it says, in part:

"If so, that means most intelligence agencies can probably already crunch
most common key sizes. It still means that the capability is likely limited
to intelligence agencies, which is some comfort for many of us, but not of
comfort if you happen to live in a country where civil liberties are not
well respected and keys and data are considered to be "on loan" to citizens
- - you be the judge on that call."

The trouble with that is that in such countries, using any encryption will
probably call attention to you, even if you are only encrypting grocery
lists and dentist's appointments, and the penalties can be severe. No point
having encryption so secure that the government will find torture to be a
cheaper way of getting the information it feels it needs.

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