Any way to get smaller key sizes?

Laurent Jumet Laurent.Jumet at
Wed Sep 28 14:04:12 CEST 2005

Hello !

Alaric Dailey <alaricd at> wrote:

AD> No, this is an S/MIME signature, basically SSL technology for emails.
AD> as it appears much cleaner in modern email clients than PGP.  But it
AD> appears MUCH cleaner than PGP, and and modern email clients validate
AD> the signatures automatically, and without additional software.  Also
AD> using an S/MIME to sign emails means that I can sign ALL my emails  and
AD> they won't scare the unwashed masses, not to mention I get the
AD> additional benefit of using the CA as a "Trusted Introducer".

    May I ask with respect, why you came on this echo? :-)

Laurent Jumet
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