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Stephen D. Scotti, M.D. wrote:
> Hi,
> Kind of a newbie to gpg.  I discovered it while using UBUNTU linux and
> then went back to windows to see how to implement it there.  I've got
> the Mozilla Enigmail extension and I downloaded the 1.4.2 privacy guard
> from GNU and installed it.  It seems to be partially working in the it
> will decode incoming mail and import keys, but I am getting an error
> when I try to send mail with signing or encryption using Open PGP.  The
> output from the screen is here:
> Any assistance in getting this configure correctly would be helpful

Did you generate a keypair of your own?

Try the Enigmail _Beginners Manual_ the team put together (PDF):

We wrote a step-by-step page for installing GnuPG on Windows. There are a
few changes since Werner introduced the binary installer with 1.4.1, but
those are minor. It's located at

Then check the Enigmail Help page:

The Enigmail Configuration page,,
has information on the various settings and options you'll encounter.

Additionally, questions may be sent directly to the Enigmail mailing list,
enigmail at It's moderated to nonsubscribers, but most of us
moderating won't leave you hanging for too long. Still, best if you
subscribe. Details at
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