1.4.3 // proper syntax for --edit-key cross-certify ? // success ; -)

vedaal at hush.com vedaal at hush.com
Thu Apr 6 20:27:26 CEST 2006

>> default-key !keyid

>doesn't work, ;-((

but what *does* work, is:

default-key keyid!

here is the gpg output with the option of 
default-key 0x5AA20C866A589A97!

$ gpg --clearsign c:/r/1234.txt

You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
user: "vedaal nistar (preferred e-mail address) <vedaal at hush.com>"
4096-bit RSA key, ID 6A589A97, created 2001-04-26

gpg: writing to `c:/r/1234.txt.asc'
gpg: RSA/SHA256 signature from: "6A589A97 vedaal nistar (preferred 
e-mail address) <vedaal at hush.com>"

(and maybe add it to the man.page)


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