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Fri Apr 7 17:46:07 CEST 2006

John Clizbe wrote on 07.04.2006 15:13:
> lusfert wrote:
>> John W. Moore III wrote on 07.04.2006 2:37:
>>> David Shaw wrote:
>>>>> OS setting via LC_TIME, according to Microsoft, though I have no idea
>>>>> how to set it on win32.
>> Where can I set date format (via LC_TIME)?
> Via LC_TIME? I suppose you could specify an environment variable.
> The native Windows way is:
> Control Panel --> Regional and Language Options. Select the language you wish to
> use, then click 'Customize'. On the Date tab you may specify short and long date
> format strings; eg, 'yyyy-MM-dd' and 'dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy'.
I have already done that.

GnuPG still uses mm/dd/yy date format:
As you can see PGPdump output date format is much better.

Enigmail uses right format, specified in Windows XP system settings:
07.04.2006 15:14 - H:mm (24 hour)

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