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Fri Apr 7 21:56:05 CEST 2006

Not sure if "mask the passphrase in a non-obvious way" does justice to 
encrypting it with a filter and strong algorithm - ref. 
<>.  Were you 
thinking I was only hiding it in clear text? 

In any event, I agree with you - access to my script should be extremely 
limited both from a permissions standpoint and location (firewall).


Qed wrote:

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>On 04/07/2006 04:16 PM, John M Church wrote:
>>I think it's simplistic to just brush-off this request as a user who
>>wants convenience.  There are very valid reasons for automated
>>decryption.  I'm working a similar project (and have my own issue - see
>>"Automated Decryption via Script Running Setuid" written 4/5/06).  Seems
>>to me if you protect your script and you are behind a firewall you're
>>not 'trading security for convenience'.
>>You can even encrypt the passphrase in your script if you're afraid
>>someone with sudo or root priveldges could open your script.
>If you encrypt the passphrase in your script you still need a secure way
>to provide the key to decrypt it, same problem as providing the passphrase.
>Instead, if you meant "mask the passphrase in a non obvious way",
>this solution offer no additional security, since that could be easily
>reversed having access to the script.
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