auto-key-locate pka (gpg version 1.4.3)

Dominique Leuenberger dominique at
Sun Apr 9 00:17:51 CEST 2006


according to the readme and man pages, I should be able to use
gpg --auto-key-locate pka --encrypt dominique at
to encrypt a message to this user even if I would not have the
corresponding public key, if the dns system would be set up correctly.

ok, the latest is not done yet, but is work in progress.

But why I come to the list:
the parameter "pka" seems not to be recognised by my version of pgp
(1.4.3, downloaded as binary for Windows from

Did I miss something? Neither the new parameters pka nor cert are
working. ldap and keyserver give no error.
using gpg --auto-key-locate pka I get the following error message:
gpg: invalid auto-key-locate list

Any help, or a link to another version of gpg with this support compiled
in, would be appreciated.
Thank you very much,
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