Error: MPI larger than indicated length

Ben Branders ben.branders at
Sun Apr 9 21:19:17 CEST 2006


Today I wanted to do an update of the public keys in my list via Enigmail
(Refresh all public keys). I got this message:

> gpg: MPI larger than indicated length (2 bytes)
> gpg: keyring_get_keyblock: read error: invalid packet
> gpg: keydb_get_keygblock failed: invalid keyring

I thought this was because I upgraded my Slackware Linux to another GCC
version so I recompiled GnuPG. Same problem.

Enigmail Keymanagement doesn't show any keys, not even the private ones.

Please inform me what I should do to fix this.
Thank you!

Kind regards
Ben Branders

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