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Trevor Smith trevor at
Mon Apr 10 16:47:21 CEST 2006

On 10-Apr-06, at 9:52 AM, David Shaw wrote:
> Backwards compatibility.  CAST5 has been around it seems forever.
> AES256 hasn't.

Ah, I see.

> It's fine to use AES256, just don't do it with "cipher-algo AES256".
> Use "personal-cipher-prefs" instead, and list the ciphers you prefer

thanks for the tip! (Interestingly, vim "knows" all the other options  
in my gpg.conf file and syntax highlights them, but personal-cipher- 
prefs appears to be unknown to it so at first I thought I had typed  
something wrong because it didn't get highlighted.)

> Incidentally, AES256 is really, really strong.  How strong is your
> public key?  In most cases, the public key is not as strong as AES256,

Thanks. That's also an excellent point. (Naturally, my public key is  
not 15360-bit.)

Trevor Smith
trevor at

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