GnuPG for Outlook Express

engage engage at
Thu Apr 13 02:07:50 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 12 April 2006 04:15 am, Timo Schulz wrote:
>After years in the frozen state, I decided to reawake GPGoe again.
>For those who don't know GPGoe, it's a GPG plug-in for the Outlook
>Express mailer. It provides inline-PGP operations (sign, encrypt, both)
>and some features to make replies to encrypted mails a lot of easier.
>And of course it's free software under the terms of the LGPL.
>Maybe some users are forced to use OE and they want at least use
>inline-PGP to secure and/or verify messages. In this case, GPGoe
>might be the right choice.
>The program (and also the source) can be downloaded here:

I don't use OE but I have a few friends that do and I have been trying to help 
them to get GPG working under Windows XP since PGP is not provided free for 
XP. But I have been having a lot of trouble getting the GPG plug in for OE to 
work. Even WinPT has been problematic. Since my friends are Windows users 
they aren't interested in the CLI and most have abandoned e-mail encryption 
since it isn't as user friendly as it once was. It does appear that  the 
e-mail program that comes bundled with gpg4win works well with GPG but my 
friends are unwilling to change e-mail clients. I realize that GPG is 
freeware that is being developed by volunteers but I would like to see GPG 
become rock solid  because I want my friends to continue to use e-mail 
encryption. Since they are unwilling to pay for PGP  it's unlikely that they 
will donate money for a program that they have a lot of difficulty using. If 
GPGoe works out maybe they'll be interested in doing e-mail encryption again.

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