Mac OS X - Installing and configuring 'gpg-agent'

Charly Avital shavital at
Tue Apr 25 16:13:42 CEST 2006


thanks for your prompt answer, and for quoting relevant parts of the
manual. I'll try to do my best with them.

Following are some responses embedded to your remarks.
Thanks again,

Werner Koch wrote on 4/25/06 8:30 AM:
> On Tue, 25 Apr 2006 07:06:02 -0400, Charly Avital said:
>> New to this list. Running Mac OSX 10.4.6 (Darwin 8.6.0), gpg 1.4.3.
>> Installed gpg-agent 1.9.10 using darwin.ports following the instructions
> That is a pretty old version.

Indeed. I never succeeded to compile 1.9.20 from source; there was
always one error or other (as I reported previously to gnupg-users).

So I tried DarwinPorts. They offered quite a functional set up.
>> - man gpg-agent outputs 'No manual entry for gpg-agent'
> There is no man page.  Use "info gnupg".

Good to know. DarwinPorts page suggests:
Once the software has been installed, you can find further information
about using gpg-agent with these commands:

      %  man gpg-agent
      %  apropos gpg-agent
      %  which gpg-agent
      %  locate gpg-agent

>> When I type gpg-agent in Terminal, I get:
>> gpg-agent: can't connect to `/Users/shavital/.gnupg/S.gpg-agent': No
>> such file or directory
>> gpg-agent: no gpg-agent running in this session
> Please read the manual.  Basically you need to pass the option
> "--daemon" to startup gpg-agent.  Without gpg-agent merely checks
> whether an instace is already running.

I knew something had to be done with daemon, but had no idea what or how to.

> Salam-Shalom,
>    Werner

Take care,

> ps.

That's one of the most useful PSs I've ever received.

> Here is a short excerpt from the manual (current version, though):

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