Why are my signatures being labelled as bad?

markus reichelt ml at bitfalle.org
Thu Apr 27 19:19:18 CEST 2006

* "John W. Moore III" <johnmoore3rd at joimail.com> wrote:

> Also, Post your Revoke Cert to Groups/List so that others may
> Import quickly!

first time that i stumble upon this kind of advice; it depends, i'd
say. if the majority of that list is in fact using digital signatures
and/or only encrypted messages, then's ok to post the rev.
certificate itself. if not, well, then maybe a footer info line is
sufficient. not half a page of annoying capital letter ascii, tho ;-)

of course, routine contacts (who use signatures /encryption) shall be
informed too, if not first. but please no mass mailings to those who
are ignorant of the issue, anyway.

left blank, right bald
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