GPGME: Exporting a private key

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Aug 2 10:39:39 CEST 2006

On Wed,  2 Aug 2006 10:12, Ludovic Courtès said:

> Concretely, I resorted to exporting both the public key and private key
> with GPG, putting them into files (hmm...) and feeding those files to
> GNUtls (via `gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_key_file ()').  This is
> indeed not ideal.  ;-)

As long as we are not talking about servers, I envision gnutls
directly talking to gpg-agent and having gpg-agent do ths private key
operation.  This has the extra advantage of instantly allowing the use
of a smart card.  Actually the same can be done for keys from an X.509
certificate - gpg-agent does not even know about the protocol, it only
does the lower layer pkcs#1 stuff.



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