Key Certificates in GNUPG

Rubis Paul rubis.paul at
Wed Aug 9 03:45:46 CEST 2006

Resending due to no repsonse.....

On 8/7/06, Rubis Paul <rubis.paul at> wrote:
> Hi ,
>   I am trying to generate some RSA keys and store them as
> certificates. I am using libgcrypt library to generate RSA keys.
> a. Is there any function in Libgrypt or Libksba to generate certificates ?
> b. in the source directory of GNUPG, i can see certlist.c,
> certreqgen.c etc under the 'sm' directory using structures defiened in
> ksba.h file for creating certificate. Is there any format defined for
> the certificate ? if yes, where i can see that ? also if i want to
> store it  on my own format , what are the implications?
> c. I am really new to this. Could some one tell me what exactly i have
> to do in order to store RSA keys generated using libgcrypt as a
> certificate.
>   Thanks in advance,
>     rubis

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