AES 256 bit key generation

Jonathan Rockway jon at
Fri Aug 11 17:38:36 CEST 2006

AES is a symmetric cypher, so you can use anything you want as the key,
although I'm pretty sure that you must never use the same key to encrypt
two different messages.  (See "Initialization Vector".  I know this is
required for stream cyphers like RC4, but I'm not sure about block
cyphers like AES.)  If anything, using a different key every time
ensures that two identical messages encrypt to different cyphertexts,
which is a good thing.  Also be sure to read up on ECB / CBC.

You should probably look this up in the AES section of Applied
Cryptography before you deploy any code, though.

Jonathan Rockway
> I want to create as AEs key of size 256 there any function in
> libgcrypt to generate AES key ?
> Now i am using libgcrypt random number generation to create an AES key
> .is this correct ? 

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