Keyserver Software Recommendations

John Schofield schoflist at
Sat Aug 12 19:42:45 CEST 2006

I am setting up a keyserver for private, internal use in my company;  
it will not synchronize with the global keyserver network.

All clients will be running the latest version of GnuPG distributed  
through the Ubuntu Dapper repositories.

The servers (there will be multiple, and will need to be  
synchronized) will be running Debian Sarge.

I'm having trouble figuring out which keyserver to install.

OpenPGP Public Key Server <> is easy to  
install and configure, but hasn't been updated in three years.

This message < 
October/027189.html> from 2005 recommends SKS. I've attempted to  
install SKS, and had some issues, but haven't gone all-out in  
installing it. Should I make the effort?

A year later, is SKS still the most-recommended keyserver software?

Thanks very much!

John Schofield

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