GnuPG (GPG) Problem

Musuvathy, Ashok ashok.musuvathy at
Tue Aug 22 13:04:27 CEST 2006

If I use the options --keyring and --secret-keyring to point gpg to the
ring files,
How does it affect the usage of random_seed and trustdb.gpg files ?

Would it still work OK if there is no access to ~/.gnupg directory ?


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On Tue, 22 Aug 2006 07:21, Bo Berglund said:

> Settings\<username>) it is located in a subdir \Application Data\gnupg
> and mine is completely empty of any active lines. Seems like it is not

That is just fine.

> in use at all (because if it were every line should not be commented
> out). Maybe the Windows version stores all of this in the Registry?


> I was just hooking on to this discussion in order to find out how one
> can control *where* GnuPG will look for the keyrings....
> the conf file apparently is not the answer.

This is all controlled by the option:

 --homedir @var{dir}

 Set the name of the home directory to @var{dir}. If his option is not
 used, the home directory defaults to @file{~/.gnupg}.  It is only
 recognized when given on the command line.  It also overrides any home
 directory stated through the environment variable @env{GNUPGHOME} or
 (on W32 systems) by means on the Registry entry

~/.gnupg translates to something like "USER/Application Data/gnupg" -
but it depends on the Windows version and the localization.  Down
inside gpg the Windows constant CSIDL_APPDATA is used to locate that

The default location for keyrings as well as for the configuration
file is then in the homedir.  You may use the options --keyring,
--secret-keyring and --no-default-keyring to change the location of
these files.

Almost everyone is fine with the defaults.



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