why cissp says this about PGP/GnuPG?

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"Robert J. Hansen" <rjh at sixdemonbag.org> wrote:

> Philipp Gühring wrote:
> > Are there any facts or reasons against CISSP? Are there any 
> > alternatives?
> Many.  Google for "CISSP criticisms" and you'll find a lot of reasons to suspect the CISSP, along with some well-regarded alternatives to it.
> CISSP nominally requires four years of industry experience in computer security before they'll grant a cert, but in reality their definition of "industry experience" is very broad and permissive.  I'd much rather judge someone on the basis of the industry experience they used to get their CISSP than I would on the basis of the CISSP itself.
> > My personal opinion is that PGP was designed to protect normal 
> > confidential data, not to protect spy information.

It is unfortunate that this thread has to some extent turned into an attack on the CISSP qualification.

Firstly, the best source for the content of the CISSP exam is the "Official (ISC2) Guide to the CISSP Exam", by Hansch, Berti and Hare, published by Auerbach. The chapter on cryptography says nothing at all about PGP as a product (apart from a mention in the potted history of cryptography included in the chapter), or about any other product, but rather concentrates on the principles of cryptography, and on generic mechanisms.

I would agree that Shon Harris' prejudices are being exposed here, and I suggest that CISSP exam candidates who imbibe these prejudices will not be doing themselves a favour.

Secondly, and I confess my obvious interest here, I would suggest that at present the CISSP qualification, for all its faults, is the most effective qualification in existence for the information security generalist. I agree that hard industry experience is important, and as with any other qualification, an ability to walk the walk is more important than talking the talk.

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