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Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
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Eray Aslan wrote:
> Surely there must be a better way.  These all require admin access
> to the IMAP server.  The software already does what I want some of
> the time (when I send the recipient encrypted email).  I just want
> it to do it all the time.

This doesn't like an entirely unreasonable feature request to make of
Enigmail.  Perhaps you'd want to check in with the Enigmail folks to
see if the would consider adding such a feature?  It has some
potential to be useful but it might be icky to implement.

Obviously, if you send a message unencrypted but store it encrypted,
you won't really have an accurate record of your sent mail.  The
headers and MIME parts will be different.  Some people prefer that
what's in their sent mailbox be exactly equal to what was sent.
(Pedants. :)

I am curious though, what particular threats are you concerned about?
That might help shape what options would be best to take.

If you don't trust the IMAP server admins, then you should store your
mail somewhere you do trust.

If you are worried about someone cracking the server and getting at
your sent messages then encryption on the server may be sufficient,
but would involve either changes to you mail client or some other sort
of access to your mailbox on the server.

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