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John Clizbe JPClizbe at tx.rr.com
Wed Dec 6 08:57:41 CET 2006

Todd Zullinger wrote:
> Eray Aslan wrote:
>> Surely there must be a better way.  These all require admin access
>> to the IMAP server.  The software already does what I want some of
>> the time (when I send the recipient encrypted email).  I just want
>> it to do it all the time.
> This doesn't like an entirely unreasonable feature request to make of
> Enigmail.  Perhaps you'd want to check in with the Enigmail folks to
> see if the would consider adding such a feature?  It has some
> potential to be useful but it might be icky to implement.

Sounds unreasonable to me. It's completely beyond our scope to implement.

Why is this unreasonable? You are asking an extension with hooks in certain
steps of a MUA (Thunderbird/Seamonkey) to set policy on an IMAP server out of
our control.

Enigmail gets the message after the user clicks 'Send', does its processing, and
passes the result back to the Mozilla mail-news code for mailing and storage.
The extension has no control or interest in how the user has configured the MUA
to handle sent items.

In both the IMAP case and the local storage case, the message that is saved is
the exact message that is sent on the wire. This is not an Enigmail function,
but a function of the mail agent.

There is no provision for processing a message on multiple paths and specifying
separate handling on each path when sending, nor would it be reasonable to
expect there to be.

There are two RFEs filed in Bugzilla to allow the unencrypted storage of
encrypted items. One applies to sent items, the other to received ones.
These may be possible at some time in the future, but no one is making any promises.

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