Christmas is upon us again.

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    Was Tue, 05 Dec 2006, at 16:06:56 -0600,
    when Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> Whether you're secular or religious, atheist or devout, I think we can
> all agree that the time of the year known as Christmas will soon be upon
> us.  This is historically a time for personal reflection and charitable
> giving.  We reflect on how fortunate we are, and we give in order to
> show our thanks and appreciation for that which we have received.

> This year, I'm grateful that we have a Free Software implementation of
> the OpenPGP protocol.  I'm also grateful that the development process is
> fairly open and I'm grateful that, by and large, the people in the
> community are friendly.

> This year, I'm giving $10 to the Free Software Foundation
> ( in the name of the GNU Privacy Guard, as my way of
> telling the developers "thanks".

> If you feel like joining me in this, well... feel free to say thanks
> on-list, or to write off a note to the developers.  Likewise, I hope
> you'll give a small donation to the charity of your choice in the name
> of the GNU Privacy Guard.

> Merry Christmas to everyone.  May we have peace on Earth and goodwill to
> all humanity.


I thank you warmly and as a Buddhist wish you (all) Happy Tibetan New

The speech is of very loving-kindness nature and is spreading
characteristic velvet and silky atmosphere we all need (at least once in
a year).

I hope that Miss GnuGP Universe contest will be established at some time
also, because it is very good idea.

Ten US dollars sound good too, so I will be willing to donate as well,
in this or other way, to FSF, as soon as Mr Richard Stallman stops his
support for legalization of ga...marijuana and/or any "soft drugs", or
at least removes this from his web site.

I wish also to GnuPG to remain good, free (as in "freedom"), independent
and nonrestricted software as long as possible, and to its related
team(s) a good, reliable, stable, vital and quality organizational


[1] I also wish Happy International, Serbian, Chinese and Japanese New
Year and Merry Orthodox Christmas, since I am coming from this cultural
and spiritual milieu too.

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